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Garrison Securities SA are experts in wealth management and investments, and offer a range of services and solutions engineered to maximising personal and corporate wealth in the 21st century. We are totally committed to meeting the needs of wealthy clients and those who aspire to becoming wealthier. Above all, we clearly understand that wealth is more than just money. Wealth means different things to different people; security, independence or giving to charitable causes. Above all, it is about having the financial strength to make choices, how and when you decide.

Financial Engineering for the 21st Century.

Garrison Securities

Garrison Group International headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our Lifestyle Services Range

Air, Water, Earth, Fire – the essential elements of life. In our 'Lifestyle' section we bring you news, articles and information on a range of interesting subjects, many of which we are privileged to have exclusive access to.


With Air, we cover the subject of executive private jet and helicopter services - to own, lease or purchase jet cards? You will find information here.


In Water, we look at the global offerings in the world of sailing and powered luxury yacht ownership.


Under Earth, we take a look into the world of luxury goods and items and link to the exciting website www.squa.re to see what is happening around the globe with the rich and powerful.


Under Fire we look into the world of Formula 1, Sports Car Racing, Rallying and Classic Car events and even Super Car road tests.